Our Commitments
Our Commitments

Our Commitments

MNR is Consciously Committed for Greener Tomorrow for future Generation and to accomplish the Company strives for constant upgradation and growth in every sphere of work.

MNR care about
  1. Quality
  2. Research & Development
  3. Quality Health, Safety & Environment
  4. Human Resource Development
  5. Social Responsibility & Community Development
  6. Sustainability Report

MNR truly walks in a path of truthfulness and conducts business ethically. Similarly it promotes 36 qualities one must have to be sincere at its work as described in Bhagvad Gita. MNR’s sincere work force performs their duties in those 36 principles to prove themselves as good citizen of our country. These 36 qualities in a human being as presented in Bhagvad Gita, Chapter 12 Sloka 13 - Sloka 19 is published here below, which is as follows:


He who (1) hates none, who is a (2) friend of all, who is (3) merciful to all, who has (4) nothing of his own, who is (5) free from (6) egotism, who is (7) even minded (8) in pain and (9) in pleasure, who is (10) forbearing, who is (11) always satisfied, who is (12) ever devoted to yoga... .(Chapter 12, Sloka 13)

Whose (13) self has become controlled, whose (14) will is firm, whose (15) mind and (16) intellect are given unto ME - such a one is my beloved Bhakta... .(Chapter 12, Sloka 14)

He (17) from whom comes no disturbance, who (18) cannot be disturbed by others, who is (19) free from joy, (20) fear and (21) anxiety - such a one is My Beloved... .(Chapter 12, Sloka 15)

He (22) who does not depends (23) on anything, who is (24) pure and (25) active... .(Chapter 12, Sloka 16)

Who (26) does not care whether good comes or (27) evil, and (28) never becomes miserable... .(Chapter 12, Sloka 17)

Who (29) has given up all efforts for himself, same in praise or (30) in blame... .(Chapter 12, Sloka 18)

(31) Silent and (32) thought full, (33) pleased with what little comes his way, (34) homeless, (35) having the whole world for his home, and (36) steady in his mind - such a one is My Beloved Bhakta….(Chapter 12, Sloka 19)

The essence of these commitments is that each employee conducts the company's business with trust, sincerity, truthfulness, integrity, in compliance with applicable laws, and in a manner that excludes considerations of personal advantage.

We do not lose sight of these values under any circumstances, regardless of the goals we have to achieve. To us, these qualities are as important as the ends.


MNR's occupational health centers carry out pre-employment and periodic medical checkups as well as other routine preventive services. MNR conducts specialized tests like biological monitoring, health risk assessment studies and audits for exposure to various materials. Health education and awareness forms an integral part of the health care program at MNR.


MNR believes that the safety of each MNR family member is the responsibility of the individual as well as of the whole community of employees.


MNR believes that a clean, green & safe environment in and around the workplace, fosters health and prosperity for the individual, the group and the larger community to which they belong. In MNR, environmental protection through environmental management system is an integral part of the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of all our projects.


MNR believes that its strength is in its Workforce, consisting of torch bearers and navigating directors, seniors, executives, skilled, semi skilled and unskilled personals. For them, MNR has built with care a workplace that proactively fosters professional as well as personal growth. There is freedom to explore and learn; and there are opportunities that inspire initiative and intrinsic motivation and to emerge as a successful individual. MNR believes and so, allows its members to dream to achieve, as these dreams will drive the company's excellence in all its businesses. MNR thinks, behaves, lives and thrives with a global state of mind, encouraging every member to reach his / her full potential by availing opportunities that arise across the group.


MNR being a responsible corporate citizen invests in social infrastructure, believing strongly that the business strength fuels the social contributions. And thus, MNR encourages, contributes and participates by funding and developing innumerous educational, health, human capital and infrastructure initiatives. These initiatives are undertaken through partnerships with non-governmental organizations, corporate and trusts.

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