MNR Exports set its foothold in the textile industry under the efficient management team headed by Mrs Ami Doshi. She led the company to the right direction based on her principles of Creative Approach, Focussed Vision and Optimized efficiency. Since then the company hurdled all obstacles to reach the apex and see all success.

MNR Exports, With eminent offcials at its helm strived to identify market trends and customer requirements to create the ideal product for its customers and soon it flourished as one of the largest textile enterprise, with businesses in textile products.

With a rare combination of young and energetic people with new ideas, and older staff members with years of experience, the company aims to establish itself as one of the global leader in textile product and has future plans to undertake backward vertical integration for future growth.

MNR export is one of the front runners engaged in manufacturing of various textile products and retail venture. The dynamism and commercial acumen of the team leaders was instrumental in elevating the company to new heights.

By fusing the best of design with high production values, we are proud to be a company that meets the stringent time and quality standards of global fashion. The unique craftsmanship of products earned global accolades for the company and it soon spread its wings in the international market.

The company which is completely customer centric, looks after all the needs of the Customers individually and has done extensive research on the country's Fashion Trend, today boasts of being one of the largest producers of textile bags and textile products in the world.

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