Board of Directors
Board of Directors

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Committee

The Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Committee is formed to assist the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities to provide global oversight and support of the Corporation’s health, safety and environmental policies, programs and initiatives.

  1. Ensures that highest standards of environmental, health and safety norms are maintained in compliance to the applicable pollution and environmental laws at all works, factories and other locations of the Company;
  2. Gathers and disseminates information to members on occupational health and safety needs, activities, and services and creates an awareness amongst them to practice it;
  3. Recommend changes to the health and safety legislation and regulations and take necessary steps to prevent accident and injury in the workplace;
  4. Ensure that the machinery, equipment and tools used by the employees and students meet acceptable government and international health and safety standards;
  5. Reviews the Health Safety and Environment Policy of the Company from time to time as also the performance on health, safety and environment matters of the company;
  6. Ensures the procedures and controls being followed at various Plants of the Company are in compliance with the relevant statutory provisions;
  7. To monitor the implementation of quality assurance processes for the financial, operational and administrative procedures of the company.
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