MNR has always been inventive in nature and innovative in doing things. Any products developed under its R&D for the first time is known as MNR’s Innovention (The term coined from assembling two words Invention with Innovation).

MNR today is a living example for innovative ideas invented under its roof. It is a shining example of how Innovention is practiced in almost everything that they do. Here are few things that set them apart:

"I M Possible - the word defragmented from impossible" - MNR's mission to sell Textile bags in departmental store was itself a difficult task and moreover insisting the store owner's to substitute them for plastic bags was next to impossible but the efforts put in by MNR has turned the table upside down in its favor. Today all major brands of departmental stores want to associate themselves with this mission.

"We came, we saw & we conquered" - The heroic sprit of MNR family has ensured that whatever plan is conceived is carried out in its true sense and its success story can be translated due to the efforts put by each one of them.

"To err is human – to forgive is divine" - In today's corporate world any mistakes committed is unpardonable but MNR thinks differently and provides opportunity to people for improvement. With such understanding it becomes a learning process for each one of them which helps them in creating history.

"Perform with lightening speed" - MNR's performance can be compared with the speed of light. Any performance whether is of constructing a new production unit, a project or attending a calamity hit province, MNR's decision is instantaneous. It is this sense of speed that restores operations in record time.

"Think. Anticipate. Be prepared." - MNR's meticulous thinking is the ability to anticipate problems. This anticipation keeps MNR prepared to handle every grave situation meticulously.

"We help people to dream and dream to fulfill" - MNR's strength lies on its workforce and encourages each one of them to be visionary in their own world. MNR helps them to dream, encourages them to translate it on papers and provides opportunity to fulfill them. That's the way MNR works.

"Measuring success differently" - Developing a metric to measure how much money was spent, is just one example of inspiring people to think and act differently and effectively.

"Asking the right questions." - MNR's Leadership excels in asking the right questions. The company folklore is replete with examples of deceptively simple questions, leading on to incredible outcomes. Commonsense is the bedrock of such thinking.

"Hard work, timely decisions, speed and ingenuity" says one of the senior managers of MNR to sum up what MNR is all about.

It is evident that MNR is where it is today because of Innovention in thinking and execution. Given its ambition for India and its own organization MNR's leadership has now taken on a major initiative in the innoventions domain.

The leadership of MNR recognizes that its biggest competitive advantage and differentiator in the future would be Innovention. Innovention has to become the language, the behavior definer, the culture and the soul of MNR, even more explicitly than ever before.

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