Innovative invention

To popularize its products in the international market with considering the fact of upholding the objectives of the mission, constant innovative inventions are must to remain in fray. Thus this was developed to create a center for innovative invention under the guidelines of prominent personalities who would address the needs of the century. This center is constantly endeavoring to present new Innovention under the following agenda.

  1. Create innoventive leaders for tomorrow;
  2. Implement best innovative practices which will revolutionized the life style of mankind in this World;
  3. Introduce innoventive technology to develop new business;
  4. Utilize the funds meticulously to obtain highest Return on Investment (ROI).

This Centre acts as a catalyst in providing leadership and support to the business of MNR by harnessing cutting-edge, futuristic but practical, science, technology and innovative initiatives from both within and outside the organization. It will serve as an Innovention Centre with the sole quest of propelling MNR to the forefront of global business leadership.

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