ISO 22001

ISO 22000:2005 is a new standard issued to provide safe food supply throuhout the world.

The standard identifies the issues that could create danger for food safety & stipulates these obligations:
  1. Forming a HACCP system compatible with Codex Alimentarius principles.
  2. Building-up a new management system
  3. Good manufacturing Practises (Pre-requisite programmes)
  4. Interactive communication in the supply chain

The obligations are meant to be shared from the farmer in the field to the transporting and warehousing operators and finally to the retailers and restaurants to their suppliers.

It has a generic characteristic as the standard has a broad range without regarding organization size and complexity.

The organizations who want to adapt this standard to their systems should first make up a HACCP standard whose principles are determined by Codex Alimentarius and identify all the risks for processes. These should also be supported with good manufacturing practises, if existent legal requirements and a documentated management system (like ISO:9001). For ISO 22000 a ISO/TS 22004 Guide Standard was also set.

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