Life at MNR

At MNR, we just dont direct you to do the things our way. We indeed foster a challenging environment where you are given a complete chance to bring your talent and dedication to the forefront. It gives its employees an access to the world class resources for personal and professional growth.

The company not only believes in developing a structure, system and a culture that provides challenging jobs and reward performances, it also believes in getting the best out of its most valuable asset - its workforce. At MNR you will be working with top notch professionals not only for a living but also enrich your potentials. The company encourages job mobility as a means of building know-how, generating synergies, and encouraging initiative and self-improvement.

MNR firmly believes it is the people who are the real strength behind any organization, since behind each machine there is a man who runs it. The work environment is professional, yet open and friendly. The corporate philosophy encourages and nurtures individual talents which is drawn from diverse academic and professional backgrounds.

The company has been broadening its horizons, concentrate on global competitiveness and is committed to operate, attract and retain the best of professionals.

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