Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

INDIA is known for its strong heritage and natural craftsmanship. Having one of the largest population, with a broader picturesque of talented but underprivileged craftsmen, MNR started this mission with the vision to bring everlasting happiness in the life of these craftsmen. With the mission of presenting their products in the international arena packed in quality conscious environment for maintaining international standard and create a need for the product to help the craftsmen excel in their lives.

This mission was laid down in the principals of Jainism, "live and let live" where every living being has the right to live in this world. To begin, MNR started its mission by helping the environment in substituting the products which are detrimental to the environment and thus the concept of textile bags was innovented to substitute plastic bags.

This mission was further supported by Kyoto conference where the world leaders unanimously decided to ban plastic bags and 2012 was freeze as the year to mark the end of plastic bags from the face of this earth. Knowing the ill effect of this product, MNR geared to move in greater pace to address the need of textile bags to this world. Thus, a world class manufacturing unit of international standard was set up with all the relevant certification in place. MNR today is proud to announce to be one of its kind of unit to have been able to implement and being accredited with following certification:

1. ISO 9001:2000 (For quality management system)
2. ISO 14001:2004 (For environmental management system)
3. OSHAS 18001:1999 (For occupational & safety hazards for workers)
4. ISO 22000:2005 (For food grade quality product)
5. SA 8000:2001 (For social accountability)

MNR is also proud to be associated with various other certifying agencies like SGS, INTERTEK, TUV, UKAS, FWC, who have certified the company of maintaining the best and fair working conditions. Presently MNR boast of having privileged membership with SEDEX and FTO (Fair Trade Organization). The Company is now accepted by BRC (British Retail Consortium) and ARC (American Retail Consortium) and other likeminded organizations.

MNR’s vision has further broaden to address the need of substituting leather and in association with WWF and PETA, with the help of world renowned fashion designers and fashion houses plans to introduce world class textile products designed and endorsed by leading fashion designers of this universe. This will help the high society socialites to remain in touch with present fashion trends and still avoid using leather. This will help the entire world in preserving the animals from getting extinct.

Similarly, to help in fulfilling this mission and vision of MNR, the company has laid down a proper Corporate Social Environment Responsibility (CSER) Program with introduction of following Trusts:

  1. ONE WORLD FOUNDATION (To address the need of environment and farmers)
  2. SUSTAINABLE SOCIAL WORLD FOUNDATION (To address the need of society)
  3. SRIMAD RAJCHANDRA SPIRITUAL WORLD FOUNDATION (To address the need of inner happiness of every individual living)

This Mission and Vision of MNR shall not only help in preserving the environment, nature and animals but by uplifting the underprivileged shall remove the imbalance in the social structure of the society. MNR will thus create an extra ordinary personality in every individual, to be seen as a persona of an over flowing ocean of selfless compassion towards every living beings, by blending pure knowledge, selfless devotion, strong determination and greater spiritual elevation which will generate an aura of inner peace and happiness resulting into one harmonious environment of ORGANIC, NATURAL & ETHICAL (ONE) WORLD for everyone.

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