Board of Directors
Board of Directors

Remuneration Committee

The remuneration committee is constituted to develop a remuneration policy to attract, retain and motivate those people of the highest calibre who have the skills needed to achieve the Company’s objectives year on year and which balances the interests of the shareholders, the Company and its employees. This committee recommends and reviews remuneration of the Managing Director and Whole-time Directors, based on their performance and defined assessment criteria.

Remuneration policy, details of remuneration and other terms of appointment of Directors :
  1. Attract and retain employees with skills required to effectively manage the operations and growth of the business;
  2. Motivate employees to perform in the best interests of the Company and its stakeholde
  3. The remuneration policy of the Company is directed towards rewarding performance, based on review of achievements on a periodic basis.
  4. The remuneration policy is in consonance with the existing Industry practice.

The tenure of office of the Chairman and Managing Director and Wholetime Directors is for a period of 5 years from their respective dates of appointments and can be terminated by either party by giving three months' notice in writing. There is no separate provision for payment of severance fees.

Note : No meetings of the remuneration committee has been held till date.

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