Our Commitments
Our Commitments

Research & Development

In today’s world MNR understands that survival is only through diversification and invention of sustainable products through continuous Research and Development. To address the issues related to Global Warming & Green Environment, MNR has endeavored to deliver the best products to its customers which is eco friendly and produced ethically. These efforts of MNR have made MNR, the emerging innovative company in the world with a corporate culture that fosters innovation.

Although at MNR it is an ongoing process, but the implementation as of now through its various multi-pronged initiatives at various R&D centers involving product, process and catalyst development projects, MNR has received a major boost during the year. These efforts were supplemented by sponsored and outsourced collaborative research programs with national and international institutes and labs with the help and association of international customers to leverage expertise across boundaries. This has resulted in creating for MNR a new business opportunities and intellectual capital rights, value enhancement, cost reduction through various technology and knowledge platforms.

Some achievements of MNR’s R&D are as here under:
  1. Introduction of Rubber Lamination on Jute and Cotton Fabric to avoid Plastic as a lamination;
  2. Introduction of Vegetable Stiffening Starch as a Lamination to avoid Plastic as a Lamination;
  3. Introduction and trial of introducing bio plastic as a lamination which will help the product in bio- degradation;
  4. Introduction of permanent vegetable dyes for Printing to avoid chemicals;
  5. Introduction of Azo Free Chemicals and Water Based Binder in the Printing set up to avoid hazardous chemicals.

MNR's R&D is getting stronger and stronger with every passing day and new inventions are on the verge of being introduced. MNR firmly believes that a new product design and development is more often a crucial factor in the survival of a company. We, at MNR, commit that in an industry that is fast changing, we will continually revise our design and range of products. R&D at MNR has a special economic significance apart from its conventional association with scientific and technological development. Continuous R&D is carried at different levels of production to improve future performance or returns, and our abilities to conduct research and development.

Proposed plans in Manufacturing and Marketing through extensive R&D
  1. Development of high-tech machines for increase in productivity;
  2. To build 100% energy efficient production facility;
  3. To obtain Green construction certification;
  4. To introduce electricity management system;
  5. To introduce tailor made ERP system for seam-less connectivity with in all departments;
  6. To open offices in 6 continents for swift Marketing;
  7. To open ONE WORLD stores for PAN India presence.

MNR has announced an ambitious Innovation agenda with the sole quest of propelling the company to the forefront of global innovation leadership. The charter for this Agenda has been defined as

  1. Innovation of Sustainable Products for Sustainable Life;
  2. Sustainability as a Way of Life;
  3. Sustainability -led Growth.

It is intended that Sustainability will become the language, the behavior definer, the culture and the soul of MNR.

The goal of the Sustainable movement is to make MNR one of the most innovative companies in the world with a corporate culture that fosters innovation.

The innovation agenda entails setting up of the MNR Sustainable Council, comprising global thought leaders, India’s eminent personalities and a member of the Company’s Board. Besides Shri. Nilesh R. Doshi, CMD, MNR, the council membership shall comprises of Prominent other personalities of International Platform to assist MNR in fulfilling its dream of Sustainable World.

The MNR Eco Centre has been created with an important mandate of driving the MNR Sustainable Agenda. It will act as a catalyst in providing leadership and support to the business of MNR by harnessing cutting-edge, futuristic but practical, science, technology and innovation initiatives from both within and outside the organization.

The MNR Research and Technology Centre (MNRRTC) is set to be created at Falta Special Economic Zone and will act as a hub for the research centers already operating at various manufacturing locations. MNR intends to create world class physical and intellectual infrastructure in MNRRTC, with some of the best globally available scientists bolstering its innovation agenda.

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